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One Source is a temporary employment and flexible staffing agency.
We pride ourselves on providing clients with qualified personnel and an exceptional level of personal service as well as providing our employees with the tools and training required to perform at an optimal level. 
Providing good service means taking the time to listen. We work with our clients and employees every step of the way to make sure they receive the services they need.
One Source Business Services Inc.
Accommodation in Employment for Persons with Disabilities



One Source Business Services Inc. is committed to promoting an inclusive and accessible work environment and to improving accessibility to persons with disabilities in accordance with this policy.

 One Source will attempt to accommodate both applicants and employees with disabilities in a way which respects their dignity, privacy, enables applicants with disabilities to proceed equitably through the application process, supports employees to perform their work, and fully participate in employment with One Source.  Accordingly, One Source will work to provide accommodation planning processes in a manner that takes into account the applicant’s or employee’s needs due to disability.

 It is One Source’s intention that accommodation will be provided respectfully, both individually (to meet the specific needs of individuals), and systemically (to make the work environment accessible to applicants and employees with disabilities).



Accommodation Process

Accommodation will address current employment restrictions, unless future restrictions are known and can be reasonably accommodated concurrent with the present accommodation.

 Accommodation will be assessed on an individual basis and include needs as disclosed by the employee and directly relates to the employment or such needs that are disclosed by the position and directly relate to the application process.

The accommodation process will take into account the employee’s disability and will ensure supports are included during the process.

One Source Business Services Inc. will attempt to re-employ a worker who has been unable to work as a result of illness or injury in a manner consistent with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.



Hiring Process & Job Applicants with Disabilities

Applicants may request accommodation at any time during the hiring process.

Accommodation for applicants for any One Source position will be coordinated through the recruitment team and management.

The hiring and interview process will take into account the applicant’s accessibility needs due to disability.


Short-term Accommodation of Employees

If injury or illness prevents an employee from fulfilling the essential duties of his/her position for a temporary period, One Source will endeavour to provide accommodation to the employee, where modified work is available, until employee can return to full duties.  A short-term accommodation typically includes modified hours and/or duties for a limited period of time and may include ergonomic interventions.

Where the employee is unable to perform the essential duties of the pre-injury/pre-illness position, an additional discussion between the employee, manager and the On-Site Coordinator will occur to review options available to them.


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